Thursday, March 1, 2012

Slave Farms in the 21st Century: Reflections on the Socio-economic and School Pipeline to Prison

In the age of globalization, Blacks, Immigrants, and resisters are targeted for elimination and enslavement by the power brokers, fearful of losing their wealth, privilege, and whiteness. Central to this process is the school to prison pipeline, high unemployment, homelessness, and the so-called war on drugs that supply the prison system with its oppressed population. In this presentation, we explore some of the facts that characterize this system—no less insidious than past forms of slavery—and some of the narratives, policies and practices that work in the interest of the dominant corporate plutocracy.

To accompany this new video of Kiilu addressing the University of Wisconsin, she has released an updated version of her 2006 essay entitled "Slavery On The New Plantation" (Read the full article here), where Kiilu writes:

Chattel slavery was ended following prolonged guerrilla warfare between the slaves and the slave-owners and their political allies. Referred to as the “Underground Railroad,” it was led by the revolutionary General Harriet Tubman with support from her alliances with abolitionists, Black and White. It only makes sense that this new form of slavery must produce prison abolitionists.

As George Jackson noted in a KPFA interview with Karen Wald (Spring 1971), "I'm saying that it's impossible, impossible, to concentration-camp resisters....We have to prove that this thing won't work here. And the only way to prove it is resistance...and then that resistance has to be supported, of course, from the street....We can fight, but the results are...not conducive to proving our point...that this thing won't work on us. From inside, we fight and we die....the point is -- in the new face of war -- to fight and win."

Power to the people.

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