Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Avotcja honors Dr. King

Freedom is a Constant Struggle TV show, January 18, 2008.

Our guest is Avotcja, a poet, musician, photographer and teacher -- renowned as a sound junkie and storyteller, originally from NYC, she's a Bay Area cultural treasure. A popular DJ on KPFA and KPOO, founder & director of The Clean Scene Theater Project, she currently performs with her award-winning jazz band, Avotcja & Modupue. An active member of DAMO (Disability Advocates of Minorities Organization), Artist in Residence at Milestones Project & the Penal System, she teaches poetry, music, and drama in the prisons and public schools.

Joe Wanzala: Crisis in Kenya

Freedom is a Constant Struggle TV show, December 5, 2008.

Our Guest is Joe Wanzala, writer and community activist who lives in Oakland, California. He is originally from Uganda and Kenya, and has lived in several African countries. Joe is particularly interested in how perception management is used to manufacture grand narratives about critical geopolitical events and how this in turn influences not only public opinion, but determines and justifies policy. Joe will join Kiilu to discuss how this process has worked in the case of the crisis in the Great Lakes region of Africa, in particular the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to mask what is really going on in the region.

(The first few minutes of this episode are unavailable.)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Pierre Labossiere: Revolutionary Haitian History

Freedom is a Constant Struggle TV show, October 12, 2007.

Pierre Labossiere, a Haitian national, co-founder of the Haiti Action Committee, has been a long-time social-justice activist and advocate for the Lavalas Party of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, currently exiled in South Africa. Pierre has also been active in the campaigns to free political prisoners in Haiti and the U.S.

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Yuri Kochiyama: On Knowing Malcolm X

Freedom is a Constant Struggle TV show, May 16, 2008.

Our guest will be the legendary human rights activist, Yuri Kochiyama, who lived in Harlem for 40 years and worked with Malcolm X (El Hajj Malik el Shabazz). Although no official holiday honors Malcolm's birthday, May 19 has become a traditional day of celebration in the Black and progressive communities. Yuri shares his birthday and will reach 87 this May 19 -- also the birthday of Uncle Ho (Ho Chi Minh). A tireless freedom fighter, political prisoner advocate, and author of Passing It On -- A Memoir, Yuri has also had a biography written about her life by Diane C. Fujino titled: Heartbeat of Struggle: The Revolutionary Life of Yuri Kochiyama.

Phavia Kujichagulia: Cultural Consciousness

Freedom is a Constant Struggle TV show, July 25, 2008

Phavia Kujichagulia, a Griot / Djialli (Oral Historian), musician, writer, poet, dancer who utilizes music, poetry and dance to heal and reveal history -- was a professor of Ethnomusicology and African Civilizations at World College West and Stanford Universitys Workshop on Political and Social Issues. For more than 16 years, she taught Creative Writing and Performance Art for the California Department of Corrections at Folsom, Soledad, Vacaville, Susanville and San Quentin Prisons. Her performances include the World Drum Festival, National Black Expo, and the John Coltrane Festival. Her most recent CD is "THE HUMAN RACE." Phavia currently writes for the SF Examiner.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Michael Wong and Eddie Falcon: Veterans for Peace

Freedom is a Constant Struggle TV show, May 30, 2008

As a U.S. soldier in 1969, Mike Wong refused orders to Viet Nam and deserted to Canada. Mike is featured in the film "Sir! No Sir!" In today's wars, Eddie Falcon served as a U.S. Airman in Guantanamo Bay and various places in the Middle East including Iraq and Afghanistan. Mike Wong is a member of Veterans for Peace and Eddie Falcon is a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War.

Ray Boudreaux and Richard Brown: Free The SF8!

Freedom is a Constant Struggle TV show, July 3, 2008.

Guests, Ray Boudreaux and Richard Brown, former Panthers and defendants in the case of the San Francisco 8. Three days after the airing of this episode, on July 6, the case was dismissed against Ray, Richard, Harold, and Hank. Charges still remain against Cisco Torres.

For the latest developments in the case and what you can do to help, please go to