Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pierre Labossiere on the Disastrous Response to Haiti's Earthquake

Freedom is a Constant Struggle: Haiti from Oriana Bolden on Vimeo.

Freedom is a Constant Struggle, hosted by Kiilu Nyasha was a long-running, weekly TV program on SF Live. This is our first attempt at getting new episodes back "on the air," just released.

Kiilu Nyasha is a San Francisco-based journalist and former member of the Black Panther Party.

In this episode Kiilu is joined by Pierre LaBossiere in conversation about Haiti. They discuss Haiti's past, present and future, specifically in light of the promised but missing millions of dollars of aid in the wake of the major earthquake, now six months ago.

Learn more at: www.haitisolidarity.net and www.haitiemergencyrelief.org

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Phavia Kujichagulia: Culture, Identity, and the Human Race

Freedom is a Constant Struggle TV show, July 25, 2008

Phavia Kujichagulia, a Griot / Djialli (Oral Historian), musician, writer, poet, dancer who utilizes music, poetry and dance to heal and reveal history -- was a professor of Ethnomusicology and African Civilizations at World College West and Stanford University's Workshop on Political and Social Issues. For more than 16 years, she taught Creative Writing and Performance Art for the California Department of Corrections at Folsom, Soledad, Vacaville, Susanville and San Quentin Prisons. Her performances include the World Drum Festival, National Black Expo, and the John Coltrane Festival. Her most recent CD is "THE HUMAN RACE."

Phavia currently writes for the SF Examiner, and you can read her articles here.

RELATED EPISODES: Phavia Kujichagulia: Cultural Consciousness (July 25, 2008), Phavia Kujichagulia: Fast Food or Fresh Fruit? (Nov. 6, 2009)

Ricardo Alvarez: Clinica Esperanza's new approach to HIV/AIDS

Freedom is a Constant Struggle TV Show, May 23, 2008.

Our Guest, Ricardo Alvarez, is the medical director of Clinica Esperanza, the Mission Neighborhood Health Center's HIV clinic, a multidisciplinary clinic serving the needs of mostly Latino uninsured or underinsured HIV patients. Clinica Esperanza is one of the premier HIV clinics in the city of San Francisco. It creatively engages in theatrical and artistic expressions of the community to tell the story of HIV. His research interests include medication adherence and institutional distrust.


Monday, July 5, 2010

The Zionist Attack on the Free Gaza Flotilla

PHOTO: Black Panther Party veterans Malik Raheem from New Orleans and Kiilu Nyasha, who was active in both the East and West Coasts, meet up at a demonstration in San Francisco. Kiilu is wearing her keffiyeh, the scarf that symbolizes Palestinian resistance.


by Kiilu Nyasha

June 24, 2010

The vicious, premeditated, and illegal attack on the 6-boat Freedom Flotilla by Israeli Zionists on May 31 in international waters, left nine humanitarians shot dead (one of whom was an American citizen) and over 40 wounded on the Turkish ship, Mavi Marmara, as well as many others traumatized and injured from being badly beaten, jailed, and/or hospitalized.

Among the approximately 700 unarmed human rights activists, journalists, members of parliament and other civilians from 40 countries were Dr. Paul Larudee, co-founder of the Free Gaza Movement, Haneen Zuaby, member of the Israeli Knesset, Brazilian filmmaker, Lara Lee, Kathy Sheetz, retired nurse from Richmond and veteran of 2008 and 2009 Free Gaza voyages, and former US Army Col. Ann Wright, who noted in describing the predawn raid, "I think they anticipated and were prepared to kill innocent civilians,"

An initiative that took almost two years of grassroots organization, they were bringing 10,000 tons of medical and humanitarian aid including toys, wheelchairs, construction supplies, paper, food, and medicines for Gaza's 1.5 million besieged residents.

You can read the rest of the article at the SF Bay View Newspaper's website, where it was originally published, here.

Oakland, CA Protest/Picket of Israeli Ship: June 20, 2010 from Oriana Bolden on Vimeo.