Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Health Care Deform


By Kiilu Nyasha

“Fascism has temporarily succeeded under the guise of reform.” (George L. Jackson/Blood In My Eye)

Clinton’s welfare reform is evident everywhere in the faces of homeless women and children, not to mention men. Since his reform virtually gutted the safety net that once kept mothers with dependent children at least housed and fed.

As you may recall, the Clintons’ health care plan turned into a huge windfall with profits and bonuses galore for the HMOs and Pharmaceuticals.

Now, the Obama health care plan, with Clinton assistance no doubt, is another boon for the insurance companies – heads they win; tails they win!

Fyi, I’m a recipient of Medi-Medi (State and Federal insurance, Medicaid or Medi-Cal and Medicare) so I can testify personally to what’s happening to millions of other folks thus insured.

While Congress was dithering over the details of this Bill just passed, I (we) lost dental and eye care (no longer covered) and doctors across the country were having their fees reduced. Now that it has passed, we’re told that a half trillion dollars will be cut from Medicare and millions more individuals will be added to Medi-Medi nationwide.

This all adds up to poor people not being able to access quality health care – period. And many being subjected to fines (and penalties for not paying???) if they can’t afford to buy insurance required by law.

If that aint health care deform, I don’t know what is.

This is the anniversary of a fall that hospitalized me last year for six weeks and from which I have not recovered the ability to stand up and walk. This experience has put me back in touch with the inadequate and uncaring medical system and taught me that it has deteriorated even further since my previous experiences as an inpatient and subsequent outpatient.

The solution to our health care system is not more of the same. We must demand free health care for all and an end to medicine for profit. We need a national health care system similar to that of Britain, Cuba, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, etc. We know it can be done because it IS being done.

Power to the people.

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  1. I encourage everyone, while they're still able, to take care of their health from the ground up with food and activity. We need to be proactive with health by making our health less dependent on doctors and medicines and more self-determined by the food we eat and the amount of activity we get.